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​​​​​​​We're a veteran and family owned business 

always have been, always will be. 

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Our work ethics and dedication to your service is our number one priority.   


No job or job site is too small or too dirty for our professional staff. Tailored service program for any type of small business or organization. Offices, Schools, Medical, Churches, Civic Group...   We have special pricing for non-profit organizations.

Government Janitorial 
​​Cleaning Services

We Specialize in Full Service Lease, Supplemental Agreements, GSA Schedules and Combined Synopsis and Solicitations.

Commercial ​Cleaning

Janitorial services covers all aspects from cleaning, disinfection, and carpet cleaning service.  Full Service Lease and Supplemental Agreements specialist.

What makes us different from our competitors?

One of our great features; is the ability to help clients customize a specific cleaning scope strictly based on your needs and preferences. We actual do an in person walk through and we go item by item. Thus allowing you to pick and choose what exact services you want, without paying for those you don’t need. We provide this to all Government, Commercial, Small business, Rental and Residential properties.

If you currently have a cleaning company we can create a free and complimentary cost cutting assessment tool. These results will demonstrate if you are over paying for your current services and where you can reduce cost. Our detail analysis will also minimize or eliminate fraud, waste, and abuse
. You can cut your current janitorial and maintenance cost up to 40%. Most commercial cleaning companies focus more on cheap, inexperienced labor and cost, instead of proper cleaning business practices. GENESIS USA SERVICES L.L.C. staff are some of the best paid and trained in cost savings office and commercial cleaning. 

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