Office Cleaning

***Important to know when it comes to Commercial Cleaning Services***
Never risk safety over cost!

  • You will have someone with a favorable background check. This is very important because your facility, property or residence is very important and giving access to someone you cannot validate is not a risk anyone should have.
  •  We are Certified, insured, bonded. Important when considering which company to hire. Not all companies are protected. Thus putting the liability on the customer.
  • We are also one of the few cleaning companies that actually protects our employees with workman's comp. This is probably one of the most import things because in Texas; when you hire someone to clean your facility, property or residence; you assume the liability for any injuries. With us that is not the case.
  • - We only use hospital grade products. We use Diversy (Sealed Air) and PG&G Pro peroxide based and non-alkaline based cleaners. Our background is Government and Commercial cleaning. We follow OSHA recommendations.

Commercial Cleaning