***Very Important to remember***

1- Make sure you ask for a background check of the actual people providing the cleaning services.

2- Make sure that you ask to see insurance certificate, bond certificate, workman's comp coverage. Many say they have these certificates and they tend to be expired or non existence. This is crucial because you will assume all liability otherwise.

3-Completly avoid the super cheap prices; you will get what you pay for. Really consider what level of risk you wish to assume when hiring a stranger to clean your facility, property or residence. Keep in mind you are giving them access to your property.

4- Always request an in person walk through estimate. Many company's will spring additional hidden cost once the job has started. Get in writing exactly what is being clean before any cleaning is done. AVOID!!! standard pricing, hourly rates and over the phone estimates. No one can give a true assessment without seeing it first.

5- Remember you deserve the best service when is come to cleaning, its more about your health and hygiene than a cheap price.

6- Always get at least 3 bids.


Construction Site Final Cleaning Services

 Once construction is complete we will clean, sanitize, disinfect, and remove trash. ​​​

Genesis Usa Services L.l.c. office Cleaning Services, commercial Cleaning services, Government Cleaning services, move in/out Cleaning services,  Deep Cleaning services, One time cleaning services , fogging and sanitizing services, Construction Cleaning services, Carpet cleaning services.

commercial services

Our services covers all aspects from cleaning, disinfection, and carpet restorations. We will exceed any corporate, franchise business scopes services and requirements. We also work with Full Service Lease, Supplemental Agreements. We are insured and bonded.

office services

A clean office helps promote a healthy, productive work  nvironment. Does not matter the size of your business. We tailor a service program based specifically to your  needs and budget. We will provide you the best service possible!​ without costing you an arm and a leg.​

​​​​government Services

Our services exceed all government scopes. We specialize in Full Service Lease, Supplemental Agreements, GSA Schedules and Combined Synopsis and Solicitations.

 We also carpert restorations. We accept all forms of payments. We adhere to strict FAR guidance and requirements.

Professional Sanitizing/Fogging Services (COVID-19, FLU, COLD)

Our Sanitizing process includes us utilizing CDC and EPA approved industrial-strength disinfectants with a broad spectrum kill claim. All infected materials are cleaned, disinfected, and properly disposed of as biohazard waste. Fully encapsulated personal protective equipment (PPE) and full-face respirator masks are worn at all times by our technicians. We adhere to a stringent virus demobilization process for our equipment, trucks and waste storage areas.

Non-profit Organizations
Schools and Daycare
We provide special discounts and pricing
for churches and clubs. Discounts are also available for private schools and daycare.